Wilson since 1357

People seeking to have a job done right the first time have for centuries called a Wilson. Renowned for their conscientiousness, efficiency and careful attention to detail, royalty in past centuries frequently hired Wilson’s for their most important tasks, resulting in the name being synonymous with a job well done.

Wilson Handcrafted Cabinetry, one of the few remaining fully custom luxury cabinet companies in the United States, was founded in Gainesville GA, just 35 miles north of Atlanta in 1999 by John L Wilson, a lifelong woodworker and cabinetmaker. The company has relocated its production facility several times through the years to accommodate growth and ever evolving service areas but has adhered unwaveringly to its core principals of client satisfaction and quality product. Wilson Handcrafted, like the surname Wilson, is synonymous with an unyielding commitment to build the best quality cabinets with unsurpassed fit and finish from individually customized designs, all at a reasonable price. As a result, the company now has thousands of satisfied clients including many repeat clients enjoying Wilson Handcrafted kitchens, baths, libraries, closets, furniture, bars and other cabinetry.

The Wilson Family.

The most recent relocation of Wilson Handcrafted was in 2014, this time across state lines to Alton, Missouri.

The latest move was following the sale of a high end commercial store fixture outsourcing division and refocusing the company on its core products; 100% custom luxury cabinetry and furniture. The move was also a realization of a long term goal of John and his wife, Jennifer, to move closer to both their families whom reside in Missouri and to enjoy rural life in the beautiful Ozarks. The relocation has enlarged the horizons of Wilson Handcrafted’s service areas from Georgia and immediate surrounding areas to now as far southeast as Fort Lauderdale, Florida, up into North Carolina, Illinois, Iowa and out to Colorado. In short, Wilson Handcrafted serves any geographic area from western Colorado, east and will consider projects further west. Because John meets with each client at their choice of location and personally designs each job, clients are never inconvenienced with any travel related to cabinet design/production and often enjoy design meetings in the comfort of their own homes. Samples needed for approval are shipped to client doorsteps, drawings and paperwork arrive moments after being sent to email inboxes.

Wilson Handcrafted Cabinetry

Since all finishes are custom, all finishes have a custom sample made and shipped to the client for their express approval. The cabinets are produced and painted/stained/finished in the production facility just outside Alton, MO, a rural community known for its scenic views of the Ozark Mountain range, beautiful Eleven Point River and thousands of acres of cattle land. Each job, once readied, is assembled at the production facility and after a thorough quality check is carefully wrapped and loaded onto Wilson Handcrafted trucks and sent along with an install team to the jobsite. John is present on each install, often assisting to insure complete client satisfaction.

Wilson Handcrafted Cabinetry will be happy to review your cabinet project be it rustic or refined, elegant or eclectic or anything in between. We build all styles and types of cabinetry and furniture and tailor each project design and finish to suit your tastes and needs. Luxury and quality is at the core of all our product, no matter the exterior fit and finish.

Wilson Family Crest


Wilson Handcrafted’s Crest Logo is actually a composite of 2 family crests: the Wilson and Lee families. The composite crest was created by John Wilson to reflect both his last name, Wilson, and his middle name, Lee, also his mother’s maiden surname. The company crest has Lee family colors overlaying the Wilson crest structure and was designed this way to honor John’s mother that was killed in a farm accident in 2005. Each cabinet job designed and built by John has the care and attention to detail he wanted to incorporate in a kitchen for his mother that she requested but he failed to build before her untimely death.